Promoting Research, Prevention & Health


The BioInformatics Service Center provides the backbone computational tools, databases and domain expertise that facilitates modern biomedical, biological and genomic research.

Our areas of focus are Cancer Registries (research), Clinical Trials and Prevention Studies and Genomics and Proteomics bioinformatics.

Our goals:

  • to develop, implement and maintain systems which facilitate high-quality data management for Dartmouth and Dartmouth-affiliated research
  • to develop new and reusable techniques in research computing which increase efficiency, ensure data integrity and security, and reduce research costs
  • to provide high-quality technical assistance and user support to our researchers and user base
  • to make our resource available to researchers in the community requiring consultation or programming assistance
  • to consult with new studies to help investigators plan wisely to meet their study’s informatics needs

Please feel free to contact me if the BioInformatics Service Center can assist you with your research.

Kristen Anton